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Gulfstream G150

The cabin in this fast flying machine is the perfect size, with an external baggage compartment that will hold just about anything that the passengers would like to bring along.

Gulfstream G150

The little differences make this aircraft stand out, such as the oval cross section fuselage that allows for greater headroom while seated. Large cabin windows bring the outside in and make for a more enjoyable experience with six or seven of your closest friends or business partners. Seating in this mid-size machine can vary between 6 and 8, depending upon the configuration chosen.

Gulfstream G150

The range, speed and performance of the G150 is afforded by the wings, which allow this impressive machine to have a smooth ride in turbulence as well as having lower fuel consumption than the competition. There is a smattering of composites in the G150 as well. Some flight control surfaces, fairings, as well as other components are built out of super strong layups of kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass as appropriate. Using these advanced composites in the construction make for weight savings and strength advantages that many other competitors cannot match. The fuselage stretch and increase in size of the cabin over the G100 made for a heavier airplane, so through drag reduction and improvements the engineers at Gulfstream made the new airplane just as efficient as its predecessor.

Gulfstream G150

Included on the G150 is the Planeview cockpit, adopted from the bigger siblings in the Gulfstream family. The ability of the cockpit setup to convey so much information to the pilots so easily will make this aircraft a favorite among pilots. The range afforded by the efficient nature of the improvements bestowed upon it will impress owners as well. The ability to carry just about anything possible in the heated, external baggage compartment will impress passengers to boot. The G150 impresses many, and that’s just what a Gulfstream should do.

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