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Hawker 750

Hawker 750

While the 900XP has plenty of room, all of the storage is internal. Adding an external baggage compartment allows for more options in carrying loads. As an added plus, full fuel can be had with all passenger seats being occupied.

Removing the fuselage fuel tank shrinks the range of the Hawker 750 by about 400 miles as compared to its bigger brother, the Hawker 900XP. Some of that range can be regained with the optional winglets. With most domestic U.S. mission, the decreased range will not be missed, especially when comparing aircraft at the price point afforded by the Hawker 750. The missing fuel tank also allows for lighter weights, one advantage of which is gaining access to smaller airports. That extra flexibility makes most owners not miss the ventral fuel tank.

The Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system is continued on in the Hawker 750. Four massive screens provide all sorts of information to the crew, to increase situational awareness, as well as reduce pilot workload. Updates like the avionics continue on in the Hawker 900XP as well. Updated interior amenities, stunning avionics add to the package that make the Hawker 750 the tip of the evolution of this Hawker line. Being one of the most sought after mid size business jets, the Hawker 750 continues to deliver.

As an added tidbit, the Hawker 750 can land on gravel runways, something that is not even considered with other business aircraft. The Hawker series has the reputation of being built like tanks, and the Hawker 750 certainly carries on that tradition.

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